A new generation of coal and ore materials handling technology is being introduced to Australasian and international markets by Telford Engineering Solutions  and TW Wood that engineers chutes and complementary systems to permit faster conveyor belt speeds, greater throughputs, fewer breakdowns, enhanced safety,  productivity and reduction in downtime, spillage and maintenance shutdowns.

We focus on applying engineering, design and manufacturing resources to solve materials handling problems. We have specific conveyor transfer expertise.

TES works closely with TW Wood for the chute manufacturing.  TW Wood have a fully equipped fabrication workshop including patented plate forming equipment.  All backed by experienced personnel with extensive careers in specialist chute manufacturing.

The TES partnership with TW Wood brings together combined experience in a wide variety of resource industries including coal, iron ore, alumina and limestone across Australia. The technologies are also applicable to gold, nickel and other bulk minerals and ores.

Telford Engineering Solutions and TW Wood, have made innovate advances for clients in:

  • Identifying premature failure of ceramic tile – thermal and structural
  • Asymmetrical chute work for sideways loading chutes
  • Divergent flow hoods for load distribution
  • Low height chutes for underground transfers
  • Adapting transfer shapes to handle sticky product
  • Skirt-less transfer for spillage containment 
  • Multi-direction transfers for portable conveyors 

Major benefits of the chute design technologies have already been demonstrated in service with a West Australian iron ore producer which increased production by several million tons, or 50 per cent. Several Hunter Valley coal mines, are also benefitting from less wear and fewer breakdowns because of practical individualised designs